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Our History

NYALTCA was founded in 1968 when a small group of nursing home administrators completed a pivotal senior-care course at Cornell University while preparing for licensure.

Upon graduating, they identified two critical but missing components in the realm of elder care:

1.) Greater fellowship among peers in the industry

2.) An efficient path to continuing-education credits and license renewal

Joining together as friends and fellows, they created the New York Association of Long Term Care Administrators which has promoted excellence in long-term elder care for more than 50 years and is now nearly 200 members strong.

Our Future

The future of our industry is uncertain.

America’s senior population is expected to grow at an astronomical rate during the next 30 years, government assistance for long-term senior care is decreasing. Faced with reduced funding, rising operating costs, and increasing regulatory demands, nursing homes are closing their doors or consolidating at an alarming rate nationwide - even as the demand for them is growing. Over 70 million Baby Boomers will require long-term senior care in the coming decades.

But we envision solutions. Together through smart partnership and knowledge exchange we can create a bright future for our seniors in which sustainability, quality of life, and exceptional long-term care is the standard.

NYALTCA remains committed to fostering fellowship, sharing insights, and lighting the pathway to success.

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